In response to Edson Pty Ltd being placed into Liquidation

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A message from the Managing Director, Rick Ward:

In response to Edson Pty Ltd being placed into Liquidation

In 2006, my former Business Partner and I set up a Company called Edson Pty Ltd. The Company was purchased from a Company called R Edmonds and Sons, which was the manufacturing operation that sold products using the ‘Edson’ brand. The purchase of this Company also involved the purchase of the ‘Edson’ Brand Rights.

In 2015, my former Business Partner and I decided to go our separate ways. In doing so Edson Pty Ltd was broken up into two (2) Parts. The company Edson Pty Ltd and the manufacturing operations were taken over by my former Business Partner. The Edson Brand and the exclusive Sales and Marketing rights for the Edson Brand were taken over by my wife, Leisha Ward and I. In doing so, we setup a totally separate entity called Edson Global Pty Ltd. As part of the dissolution of our partnership, I resigned as a Director and Shareholder of Edson Pty Ltd and have not been involved in that Company since 2015.

From 2015 until now Edson Global Pty Ltd has supplied and continues to supply all Edson Branded Products to the marketplace. A variety of Edson branded products have been sourced since 2015 from Edson Pty Ltd. We will continue sourcing products branded Edson from our alternative suppliers.

Edson Global Pty Ltd will continue to offer high quality products to the marketplace, with a focus on solution based designs. 

While Edson Pty Ltd, owned in full by my former Business Partner has been placed into Liquidation, Edson Global Pty Ltd and the use of the Edson Brand has not been placed into Liquidation and continues to operate.

If you require further clarification on the matters continued in this release, please do not hesitate in contacting us at or 1300 880 154.


Rick Ward

Managing Director

Edson Global Pty Ltd